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Hard Enamel/Cloisonné

Majestic beauty is the tradition of the ancient Chinese art of cloisonné, developed centuries ago in China for decorative purposes. Cloisonné pins are just great for that unique look of bold quality and unsurpassed workmanship; it can be preserved for 100 years without fading. And only copper material can be used for this process, because kiln-fired hard enamel requires a high temperature of 800 degrees centigrade and copper melts at 1084 degrees centigrade.

Enamel: Cloisonné/ Hard Enamel
Standard Thickness:1.4 mm to 3.0 mm
Plating: Gold / Antique gold / Misty Gold/Silver / Antique Silver /Misty Silver/ Nickel / Black Nickel/Antique Nickel /Misty Nickel/ Brass/Antique Brass/Copper/Antique Copper/Rhodium/Dyed Black/Double Tone Plating/Silver
Epoxy Coating/Resin:Without
Additional Process:Laser Engraving/ Photo Engraving/Sanding/Pad Printing/ Offset Pad Printing
Attachment: Safety Pin, Butterfly Clutch, Rubber butterfly Clutch, Magnetic Disc
Standard Packing:Each piece/ poly bag


>Molding the metal surface to form the design.
Outline Cutting
>Cloisonné lapel pins are die struck from a copper surface. A die is created to imprint your design into the metal. The outline of the pin and any cut-outs are then cut with another mold.
>Color is added by a powdered glass material into the recesses created by the mold. Colors are all hand-filled
>Colors are kiln-fired at 800 degrees centigrade (1,600 F) for two to four minutes. This process is repeated for each color to ensure fantastic color separation.
>Each pin are stoning with a carborundum stone until the excess color has been carried out.
>The pins are individually hand polished until smooth and shiny.
>Attachment is welded on to the back of each piece.
>Now plating can be processed with various plating.
>Then each pin is inspected to ensure only the highest quality is individually packaged and send for final inspection.
Cloisonné lapel pins are popular because the kiln firing of the glass mixture process insures a hard, durable finish. Clearly separated, bold designs are the best choices for cloisonné lapel pins.
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